2022 Honda Accord Sport Tire Pressure

Maintaining your 2022 Honda accord sport tires properly inflated helps ensure
safety, performance and fuel efficiency while lowering risk of damage to them.
If your low tire pressure light comes on, use a gauge to quickly measure and fill your
tires according to their recommended level – this information can be found either on
the tire wall or within your driver’s door jamb.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Tire Pressure
2022 Honda Accord Sport Tire Pressure

Winter – Tire Pressure

Maintaining optimal tire pressure is the cornerstone of a smooth ride and efficient
fuel use. Your 2022 Honda Accord’s tire monitoring system (TPMS) will
inform you if its tire pressure drops too low by lighting the low tire pressure indicator
on the dashboard. Achieving proper PSI helps with handling and performance as well
as better overall control.
Winter tires are specifically designed to provide greater traction in snowy, icy and
other low temperature weather conditions. Many drivers who reside in four-season
climates opt to purchase separate sets of winter tires just for this season.
If your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light has illuminated, this could
indicate seasonal temperatures have changed and tire pressure has decreased.
Filling your tires with nitrogen won’t reset the system on your Accord; this is just an
urban legend some shops or dealers try to sell you.


As the temperatures heat up in summer, your tires may require reinflation as a
change in temperature causes their internal air pressure to expand, leading to
higher pressure within each tire and increasing its pressure accordingly.
If the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light has illuminated, this indicates
low tire pressure in one or more tires and it should be checked using a tire pressure
gauge. Stop driving immediately to use a gauge and verify this fact.
Established in 1931, Bridgestone is one of the world’s renowned tire companies.
Their tires offer quality and performance as well as racing DNA – so if you need new
tires for your Honda Accord it would be worthwhile considering Bridgestone for their
quality tires with road hazard protection to cover against potential damage.


Your 2022 Honda Accord Sport tires are an integral component to its performance,
so they must be properly inflated to avoid wear-and-tear damage or under-inflation
that could create an unpleasant ride and even compromise fuel economy.
If the tire pressure light illuminates, this indicates that your tires need additional air.
Consult either the sticker on your driver’s door or your owner’s manual for the
optimal tire pressure levels; use a tire pressure gauge to ascertain how much air
needs replenishing before using one to determine how much you require.
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers,
known for their exceptional quality, durability and performance tires that work
seamlessly with your car, wheel and suspension system.


Maintaining proper tire pressure is vital to safety and performance. A properly
inflated tire provides greater traction for improved vehicle control as well as
efficiency and responsiveness, and will reduce wear costs over time.
DOT codes on tires provide valuable information. This includes details like their
manufacturer, treadwear grade and traction grade ratings as well as maximum cold
inflation load rating ratings that could impact your driving experience. Pay close
attention when searching for tires as this will have an effect on their performance
and quality.
Kumho produces an extensive line of passenger and performance tires for Honda
vehicles, such as the Accord. Their tires combine design with technology for optimal
results at an excellent value; their tires have been recognized for improving
steering, handling, braking performance as well as fuel economy ratings and
durability ratings.

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