How to Inflate Your Honda Accord 2011 Tires

Maintain proper tire inflation to improve traction, handling, and fuel economy.
Under-inflated tires may result in uneven wear that leads to uneven tread wea
Honda-specific tire pressure placards or owners manuals contain information
regarding tire pressure recommendations to optimize vehicle performance, safety,
and fuel economy.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

How to Inflate Your Honda Accord 2011 Tires
How to Inflate Your Honda Accord 2011 Tires

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, is designed to keep an eye on the air
pressure in your tires, warning you when they become underinflated. The system
works using sensors mounted inside tires which transmit data directly to your
onboard computer. When pressure drops below 24 to 25 psi (168 to 190 kPa), the
indicator light on your TPMS control unit illuminates and sets an DTC code.
These sensors contain batteries that may eventually wear down over time, as well as
being exposed to potholes and debris on the road that could damage them.
If your tire pressure was recently checked and adjusted, and your TPMS light is still
illuminated, try following these steps to reset it:

Tire Tread Depth – Honda Accord 2011 Tires

If your Honda Accord 2011 Tires tread depth concerns you, here are a few things you can do
to check it. First, use a tread depth gauge for accurate measurements – available at
all auto parts stores – just insert its probe into the shallowest section of tread
grooves and press down until the shaft with measuring markings moves up, giving a
Before driving on a stretch of roads or embarking on any long trips, the ideal time to
measure tire pressure should be when the tires are cold. Air expands as it warms up
and may make an inaccurate reading; also, pressure can fluctuate throughout the
day and should be monitored regularly – at least every month or prior to any long
Proper tire pressure will improve braking time, fuel economy and tire life for your
Honda Accord 2011 Tires. To find the recommended pressure in both cases you can locate it
either inside the driver’s door or the owner’s manual.

Tire Pressure Indicator Light

If the tire pressure light on your Honda Accord 2011 Tires remains illuminated, that indicates at
least one tire has low air pressure levels. Find a safe spot and check with a tire
gauge until all recommended levels have been reached; these can usually be found
either on a sticker in the driver’s door jamb or your owner’s manual.
Sometimes your tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS light may illuminate even
when your tires are properly inflated. This could happen due to fluctuations in
temperature causing pressures to temporarily decrease or the system being
malfunctioning and needing reset; in such an instance, bring your vehicle to any
Auffenberg Dealer Group service center so they can test and reset it professionally
for you. TPMS systems provide great peace-of-mind while driving; we highly
recommend investing in one.

Tire Replacement

Your Honda Accord 2011 Tires should be replaced when they’re worn down or damaged,
taking into account both driving style and road conditions where you live and drive
regularly. For instance, if you enjoy off-roading you will require rugged and designed
for rough terrain tires to fit best.
Proper tire inflation can improve fuel efficiency and extend their lifespan, saving
money while avoiding premature wear and damage to your tires. You can quickly
find out the recommended pressure levels for your Accord tires by inspecting its
driver-side door sticker or owner’s manual; additionally, use a tire gauge periodically
when checking cold tires; the air in them expands slightly as they warm up, giving
an accurate reading.

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