How to Properly Inflate Your Honda Accord Sport Tires

Maintaining proper tire inflation can make an immense difference to ride quality,
fuel efficiency and tread wear. Use a reliable gauge to check tire pressure on your
Honda Accord sport tires when the tires are cold and before driving the vehicle.
Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to update the warning light for your
tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

How to Properly Inflate Your Honda Accord Sport Tires
How to Properly Inflate Your Honda Accord Sport Tires

Honda Accord Sport Tires Size

If the TPMS warning light illuminates, use a tire pressure gauge to check all four tires
(including your spare) with equal care and precision. Make sure your gauge is
accurate by comparing its reading to that listed on your driver’s door sticker or
Honda owner’s manual psi measurement scale. Ideally, check all tire pressure at
least once each month.
Properly inflated Honda Accord Sport Tires on an Accord should last about 12,000 miles per year when driven carefully and regularly inflated with air. But tire life depends on driving habits,
tire type and terrain endurance – our experts at David McDavid Honda of Frisco can
help you select the most cost-effective tires that meet both criteria.
Some drivers opt to purchase separate sets of summer and winter tires in order to
optimize performance and safety year-round, while others favor all-season tires
capable of withstanding various climate conditions. Your Accord’s tires can have an
effectful influence on its handling, ride quality, fuel economy and environmental

Tire Type

When selecting Honda Accord Sport Tires for their Honda Accord, drivers have many choices when selecting tires. Off-roading enthusiasts might prefer off-road tires that can travel off
the beaten path; others might prefer more relaxed highway rides with durable
puncture-proof tread.
No matter your driving style, tires rated for your Honda Accord should match its
performance, traction and responsiveness. Properly inflated tires can improve fuel
efficiency and decrease vehicle braking distance; so it is wise to regularly check tire
pressure. If overinflated, let out air until they match recommended PSI on tire
sidewall; overinflated tires wear faster and can lead to bumpy rides while
underinflated ones have higher rolling resistance which consumes more fuel than
necessary to keep up the same speed; these factors can all have detrimental effects
on gas mileage and safety; visit David McDavid Honda of Frisco today to make sure
your tires are correctly inflated!

Tire Load

The DOT code on your Honda Accord Sport Tires provides valuable information. For instance, it indicates how long its tread is designed to last as well as some key performance
characteristics that you can find both on its sidewall and within its owner’s manual.
If the Honda Accord tire pressure warning light is illuminated, utilize a tire gauge to
check tire pressure immediately before driving. Low tire pressure could impact fuel
economy, traction and safety of your vehicle significantly.
At Midas, we have 2021 Accord Sport tires at prices your budget will love. Use our
Find Your Tires tool to compare prices and schedule installation online now!

Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure in your Honda Accord is key to increasing fuel
economy and avoiding premature wear on both Honda Accord Sport Tires and suspension systems. A good rule of thumb for maintaining ideal pressure levels would be using either your
tire sticker or owner’s manual as a guide – if the pressure is too high release air
while if too low add more until reaching an ideal level.
Be sure to use a reliable tire gauge after taking care to remove each valve stem cap
from each tire and checking psi regularly will help ensure a smooth driving
experience for you and your Honda Accord. Checking psi will prevent an annoying
TPMS light from coming on while also helping maintain smooth performance of your

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