How to Reset the Tire Pressure Light on Your Honda Accord

Your Honda Accord‘s low pressure warning light illuminates and you quickly pull over
to a safe area to check reset the tire pressure and adjust accordingly to meet manufacturer
However, the light remains illuminated for good reason: your tires contain sensors
which monitor air pressure levels and alert you of any problems.

How to Reset the Tire Pressure Light on Your Honda Accord
How to Reset the Tire Pressure Light on Your Honda Accord

Check Reset the Tire Pressure

TPMS systems monitor your vehicle’s tire pressure and alert you when they get low,
helping ensure a safer driving experience on Newark roads. As temperature
fluctuations affect tire pressure levels, should it detect a drop, it will illuminate its
warning light; you can reset this by adding air until they reach their recommended
PSI (pressure per square inch).
Before attempting to reset the TPMS on your Honda Accord, first ensure all tire
pressures have been checked – this information can be found on a tire placard or
owner’s manual. Inflate any spare Reset the Tire Pressure if applicable. After all of the tires have been properly inflated to their specified pressures, turn your vehicle on and find its TPMS
reset button (usually under the steering wheel, though sometimes located
elsewhere on its dashboard) then press and hold until the indicator light flashes
twice before pressing and holding again until its indicator light flashes twice before
pressing it again and holding its reset button will have made any necessary changes.

Turn Off the Ignition

Whenever your Honda Accord displays a low tire pressure light, pull over and quickly
check the air pressure in each Reset the Tire Pressure with a gauge. If they are fully inflated, the
warning light should turn off; otherwise, further investigation may reveal possible
problems with its TPMS sensor.
Before resetting your tire pressure sensor, turn the key but do not start the engine –
this will allow the system to complete its calibration process, which should take
about 30 minutes of driving at speeds between 30-65 mph. When done, turn off your
vehicle before following these steps to reset Honda TPMS indicator light in Newark
area vehicles; please refer to owner’s manual.

Release the TPMS Reset Button

Are your tires still lit with their tire pressure light illuminated, even though you have
filled them to their proper levels, checked their pressure with a pressure gauge, and
reset the light? This could be for various reasons such as an inaccurate sensor
reading or issues with any of your tires – replacing such sensors may be required in
some instances.
If the sensor is functioning normally, there are a few steps you can take to turn off
the light. First, add air back into your tires. Air pressure changes with seasons so it’s
wise to add air when temperatures decrease or early summer arrives to ensure that
PSI levels return to their proper levels and reset TPMS system alert. If that fails to do
the trick, call Auffenberg Dealer Group’s professional service technicians who can
inspect sensors and inflate tires back up to their original pressure settings.

Drive Your Vehicle

Your Honda Accord’s tire pressure monitoring system is designed to assist in
keeping the appropriate air pressure in your tires, but can sometimes become an
inconvenience when its “Low Pressure” light illuminates during driving despite
having checked and corrected their pressure beforehand.
Low Reset the Tire Pressure may be caused by various factors, but one of the primary sources
is seasonal temperature changes. Your air pressure drops with decreasing
temperatures, prompting your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to activate
and display warning lights on its monitors.
To reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor, begin by stopping your
engine and finding the TPMS Reset button, usually found beneath or to the right of
the steering wheel or dashboard. Press and hold this button until your tire pressure
light flashes three times, and release. TPMS calibration typically takes around 30
minutes before automatically concluding itself.

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